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“Brokenness/The Need for Revival”

John 21


I often go back and read this story of Peter struggling in his fallen, broken state.  Here Peter seeks to salvage his reputation, manhood and what little self respect he has remaining by going backwards to what he considers a strong place in his life only to discover that he is drifting along on a sinking life raft of brokenness destined for annihilation.  


Peter’s problem was that he had failed and for the first time in his life he had no answer other than to run away.  Peter, like you and I, had been willing to follow Jesus, but unwilling to submit our will to His.  The end result is a broken wandering spirit seeking to fill the empty void with meaningless toil.  Peter needed Revival, but the dead can’t raise the dead!  The sad reality is that so many of us walk around dead, defeated and dismantled.  We are denied of the rich heavenly blessings that God so wishes to shower upon us because we fail to come to terms with our brokenness, having failed God. 


The question may be asked, “What does brokenness really look like?  Glad you asked me!


·         Brokenness is when God, through a painful time, in a series of events, disappoints, or broken, relationships reveal areas in our lives of self-sufficiency, or idolatry and He demands that these areas or systems that compete with Him and His glory be destroyed.

·         Brokenness is awareness that our fleshly desires cannot satisfy God’s righteous claim on our lives and grief at our failure to satisfy God’s rightful demand as a jealous God.

·         Brokenness is when God pries our fingers off anything in our lives that we are holding onto instead of Him.

·         Brokenness is us acknowledging that we are in the Valley of Dry Bones and by confession, receiving the breath of life of the Spirit of His grace.

·         Brokenness is “me” willing to be transparent for who I really am and be seen in the naked light of His holiness, in order to exchange my Pride for His Grace.


When we are truly broken before our God, His Spirit renews and refreshes us.  We experience a new dependence on God, humility, joy, freedom, a real satisfaction in God’s pleasure alone, a new quality of life and a new power of the Holy Spirit.


And I know I’m right about it…..


         “Make It Your Goal to Win A Soul”


Pastor Seward

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