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Benevolence Ministry Guidelines

Call 972-485-0005 to leave your information


Our purpose is to provide counseling and material assistance in the Name and to the glory of Jesus Christ. Our intention is to keep this ministry as an explicit testimony to the love of Jesus Christ, not simply to provide services.


This ministry is designed to reach (1. Christians within Living Faith-CFC: Christians outside Living Faith-CFC). (3. Those who are not Christians (Galatians 6:10; John 17:20-21). We intend to supplement existing channels of help, rather than to replace them, since every good source of help has God as the origin (James 1:16-17).

Help will take the forms of financial/spiritual counseling and/or material aid. Financial problems usually have a spiritual origin. We will try to present the Gospel and to give Christian literature to the unsaved, and to use biblical principles to direct both the unsaved and the saved. Those not attending church will be encouraged to attend.


  1. A genuine need must exist, as determined by the Benevolence Ministry, using whatever information is needed for an accurate judgment. This includes an interview and completion of an Information Form.
  2. Transients are a distinct kind of applicant, since some make living defrauding churches. The name of the transient will be checked against any available community database, and at least one valid telephone number of someone known to the transient will be called, to verify the identity and possibly the need of the applicant. Some transients claim to be hungry, but want cash and will not go to a restaurant. Pressure may be applied, but wisdom dictates that some kind of background check be made.
  3. Widows are a special concern of the Church. 1 Timothy 5:3-16 clearly gives the qualifications for a widow to be helped by the Church. Among them, children and grandchildren are to bear the responsibility to help the widow, and the church should intervene if that assistance does not and will not exist. The wisdom of the Spirit is needed in many instances of single mothers with needs who are not widows.
  4. When a person can work, even part-time, this is required by Scripture (2 Thessalonians 3:10). For example, if a doctor indicates that a person can work, it would be expected, and this work gives a greater sense of dignity.


  1. Funds designed by individuals, by the Church or by other sources for the Benevolence Ministry shall comprise the funds available. No money will be borrowed to continue giving help, nor promises made for ongoing help without a certain assurance of funds being available. If funds are exhausted, the Church assumes no liability to continue giving aid (2 Corinthians 9:8-12).

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