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The HIGHLIGHTS of this Spiritual Journey began with our Father in Heaven who gave the VISION to the leader of this church family, Dr. Samuel E. Seward, II., who is founder and senior Pastor. Living Faith Community Fellowship Church (LFCFC) was established August 3, 2003.  The first service was held at The Whistle Stop Station with 12 people in attendance: 
Dr Seward and First Lady Vivian and their children Tre and Sydnee; Brother Willis Fields and Sister LeVern Fields( parents of First Lady); Dr. Linda Kinard (Dr. Seward's mother); Sister Kim Duncan and Sister Pat Taylor (both sisters of Dr Seward) and their children.  

The journey began at Whistle Stop Station and continued to the Rowlett Church from April 4, 2004 through October 2005.  The growth began with the Miller Family (Brother Paul, Sister Annette and their children Maryanne, Leigh and PJ.  Following them were the Turners (Brother Larry, sister Mary and son Rashid); Sister Shannon Horton, Sister Leslie Starks, Sister Demeshia Cheadle, Sister Zsa Zsa Brown, The Doulas Family:  Sister Sharon and children:  Reshun Murray-Phillips and Chelsea Douglas; Minister Annette Douglas and sons:  LeQuay and Barron Douglas; Minister Dorothy Lee, Brother Howard Lee and Reverend Marlon Bradford. 

In November of 2005, our journey continued to the Audubon Recreation center until January 2006.  Since that time we have been at the present location,  7200 Rowlett Road, where we are now greater than 200 members and still growing.  There are 21 functioning ministries and auxiliaries, a strong ministerial staff, a dynamic youth ministry, nursery/day care and a music department that ushers in the highest praise! 

LFCFC Christian Education Department provides ongoing "Life Skills" and Bible Enrichment classes for students of the Word.  We are equipped to provide transportation for all who are in a 15 mile radius and would like to fellowship with us.

In this journey, The Living Faith Community Fellowship Church endeavors to minister to the "whole man", spirit, body and soul.  

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